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About Me

I began to play the guitar at the age of ten and the passion for music and a fascination with the seemingly endless possibilities of the guitar has remained with me ever since. I have now played for 42 years and I am still discovering the instrument every day.

My initial influences were many and varied.  I consider myself fortunate to have grown up at a time when virtuoso playing was the order of the day. Yes guitarist Steve Howe was particularly influential in my early years, combining rock with elements of classical and jazz.


If I were to list all the great musicians that have influenced me it would probably fill up several web pages, suffice to say I have drawn huge inspiration from so many great artists in all styles of music and continue to do so.


Highlights (Brief Summary)


I supported Simple Minds at the Marquee in 1979.

I was a signed artist in the 80's to Stiff Records and MCA America with pop/rock band Passion Puppets.

We had a worldwide album release which was produced by Pete Walsh ( Simple Minds, Stevie Wonder)

and Roger Bechirien ( Elvis Costello, The Jam, Squeeze, Nick Lowe, Carlene Carter}.

Major uk support tours with Paul Young and The Psychedelic Furs.


After Passion Puppets I went on to secure a production deal with Roger Bechirien.


In 1988 I had the pleasure of working with South African musician Jonas Gwangwa and performing with him at the Wembley Stadium Nelson Mandela Concert.


I began giving private guitar lessons in 1990 and I became a member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors. I also did some theatre shows and tours and continued to develop as a musician.


I love the creativity of studio work and numerous session guitar stints at this point gave me the opportunity to work with artists of all kinds.


In the late 90`s I had the opportunity to revisit the music of my youth and played lead guitar for a stunning progressive rock band tribute by the name of Kudos. This led on to become Genesis Tribute band G2, surely the best of them out there. I also had a short stint with Yes tribute band Fragile. Initially is was thrilling to play accurate  renditions of some of my favourite pieces of music of all time but after a while I grew tired of not being able to improvise and put my own identity into my live performances which is something of an essential for me so I moved on.


For the last 10 years I have concentrated on developing my teaching skills and on my own original music in modern jazz which has attracted acclaim from many eminant musicians and led to a collaboration with top New York drummer John Favicchia. To listen Click Here


Currently I occasionally play live  in a variety of settings performing at blues and jazz clubs throughout the UK.


I am also composing music in many styles for production music companies, supplying music to the TV and Film industries. My music has recently been used in USA, Hong Kong, Czech Rebublic, Romania,Russia and Japan.

To listen Click Here


To listen to my most recent production music showreel Click Here


Teaching the guitar continues to be a main passion in my life. It gives me no end of pleasure to see my students progress and achieve their goals while giving me the opportunity to involve myself everday in the joy of music.