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Outstanding guitar lessons, I have learnt so much in a short time with David Rollins.

I look forward every week to our lessons which are fun and informative delivered with lots of patience!

David has a very easy way of encouraging you to learn and surprise yourself with your development, he has so much knowledge to impart to the student. David also most importantly gets you playing and making music whilst sharing the building blocks of the guitar. I cannot recommend David enough.

Chris Galvin


Dave is without doubt the best guitar tutor that I have ever had.  He has an incredible amount of knowledge and ability; that he is able to share with his students.  I have been his student for 2 months and he has totally transferred my approach to playing the guitar and has increased my knowledge base to an unprecedented level!I cant recommend Dave enough, if you are serious about your guitar playing and want to be the best you can be, I would highly recommend to try Dave before choosing an instructor.Simply brilliant..



"David is a great teacher and an amazing guitarist. He explains everything in great detail and his passion for playing is infectious and awe inspiring. I would highly recommend him to any aspiring guitarists."

Jamie Reddevil 


"Can't recommend David enough. Exactly what I was looking for. His knowledge is incredible. Extremely intuitive in analysing your playing and telling you what you need to work on. Also an absolute god on the guitar. Truly inspirational. If you wamt guitar lessons, you'd be an idiot not to get them from Dave."

Unchie Pasha 


"I have just started guitar lessons with David and it has been a very enjoyable experience. He is very patient and adapts the lessons to your playing ability. Starting from scratch I thought it would be a long time before I could play anything, but after the first lesson I was already playing something that was in tune and in time. I would have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone wishing to learn guitar."

Andy Watt



"Learning to play electric guitar was somewhat of a dream, but with David's expert tutoring and support I'm realising dreams come true!. I can't quite believe it but after just a few lessons I'm managing to play along with some of my favourite tracks. His talents are inspirational, his focus and patient manner in his teaching  is outstanding. Can't recommend him enough!- thanks David.

Rich Nokes


"I've been studying with David for a year and my guitar playing has improved unbelievably. Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he is extremely knowledgeable and my lessons are one of the highlights of my week."

Mark Callingham



"David Rollins is one of the best Guitar Tutors that I have come across.  I was very impressed with his teaching style and ability.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking about playing the guitar as Davids is a first class tutor. His knowledge and ability is far beyond most Guitar tutors, he has a great talent of being able to keep young Students interested.

My daughter has had other tuition elsewhere but none was in the same class as David.

I found his rates very reasonable and was thoroughly more than satisfied."

Chris Rhodes  


David has been teaching my daughter, a beginner, since January. David is an outstanding musician and tutor. His teaching is relaxed and concise allowing even a beginner to benefit from his vast knowledge and experience. Many thanks David, you're a star.



"I have been a student of David Rollins for seven months. Since beginning my studies my playing proficiency and musical knowledge of the guitar has dramatically improved. David Rollins is a man of impeccable character and musical talent who teaches the guitar with exceptional professionalism and enthusiasm. He has become my mentor and friend and is a man for whom I have total respect. I have benefited from David`s lessons which reflect his mastery of the guitar and his accomplished musical career."

Mark Sawyer


"I'm 13 years old and I am a beginner, but after about 9 lessons I feel like

I have progressed enormously. I enjoy my lessons and Dave is a fun tutor who

I enjoy learning from. Dave is an amazing gutarist and he makes me feel

confident and at ease during my lessons."



What do you do when you are nearly 60 years old and feeling frustrated that you've never

picked up and played a guitar properly ?  Start lessons with David Rollins!

As a vocalist in a part-time band, I've always wanted to play guitar as well and after just

four lessons with David, I am already playing passable versions of a whole host of rock


David puts you at ease from the first time you meet him and he listens to your own hopes and

aspirations and structures the lessons with that in mind. He has been very patient with my

shortcomings and instinctively knows what direction to take you in. Listening to his own

mesmeric guitar playing is simply inspirational.

I am a teacher of some 33 years by profession and certainly rate myself as a good judge of

other teachers. I can unreservedly recommend David to would-be guitarists of all ages, young

and old, and I am very confident they would gain as much as I already have in his company. He

has completely surpassed my expectations and he knows I'm now in for the long haul.

Paul McCartney



"I have known David for five years both in a professional capacity and as a friend. He is a musician and guitarist of outstanding talent and taught pupils at my school for six months during which time he earned the popularity and respect of both pupils and staff, and left behind him a legacy of enthusiasm for the electric guitar which has continued ever since. David is an honest and hard working musician and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Miss N. M. Wingrove GRSM (Hons), Dip RCM


"Dave Rollins has been tutoring my son to play electric guitar for approx 10 months. We have found him to be reliable and friendly teacher. He has assessed Michael's knowledge and is now building his playing and theoretical ability towards musical grades. Throughout their work together Dave has developed and maintained a trusting and professional relationship with my son."

Sandra Alexander


"I am a complete newcomer to the world of the guitar, however it has been something that I have wanted to do for many years, but have always lacked the confidence. My wife bought me a guitar for Christmas and a tuition book. After the first two pages it seemed so complicated that I wondered if I would be able to go any further, so I decided to give private lessons a go. After my first meeting with David, he not only boosted my confidence, but also fired my enthusiasm and passion for the guitar further. He simplifies the lessons so much that I learnt more in the first four lessons with him than I ever imagined. In my opinion, David`s knowledge and natural teaching ability are the best guitar accessories you could buy!."

George Barcoe


 " I've been trying to play the guitar for a long time without success. I just could not get the hang of it. Since starting lessons with David I have made huge advances in my playing. I feel positively confident now. All the improvements have been down to David's incredible teaching skills and his remarkable patience. His enthusiam is contageous and he encourages you every step of the way.

Racheal Hamilton BA (Hons)


I have been learning Guitar for a few weeks with David now and he has improved my musical

knowledge hugely. He is a fully qualified tutor and has a relaxed and patient teaching style.

His ability and experience are immediately obvious and he is able to play and teach many types

of music. He has a well set up studio in an easy to reach location. 



Good environment, and relaxed lesson style added to a wealth of

knowledge and ability has helped me no end. David is an excellent guitarist , but more

importantly an excellent teacher.

Daniel Kenny



"After trying to teach myself the guitar by ear, and reading books for many years, I despaired. Having decided to have lessons, I thought that not being able to read music would be a drawback. David Rollins immediately boosted my confidence, introducing to me to the tablature method. I can now play fifty songs. David is a perfect teacher, his patience and professional skill are exemplary. I now regard David as a good friend and I  recommend him as an excellent tutor."

Ray Coombes


"I have only been taught by David for a short while but in this time I have improved dramatically, and my whole outlook on guitar has changed. Not only is he a great guitarist, he has a great knowledge of the guitar and is also a great tutor and good friend. So if you really want to learn how to play the guitar, then this is the best person to learn from….. Don’t forget to look at the rest of his site it is really cool".

David Arnold




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